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Charlotte Mars

Charlotte Mars is from the Blue Mountains and her childhood was spent creating imaginary worlds in the bush. It was not unexpected that those imaginary worlds would one day inspire her to write and make films of her own. Even now, Charlotte still dips into them, and can often be found getting lost in her head and talking to herself. Some days she feels like a woman, some days she doesn’t, so Charlotte loves stories that speak to gender diverse identities and experiences.

With co-author Maya, Charlotte spent 8 years making a film about the experiences of children in same-sex attracted families, Gayby Baby. To get the film and its messages out there in the world, Maya and Charlotte did all kinds of funny things – they once crashed a TV talk show, another time they staked-out a morning news show to try and get on air, and one time they made a live video from a rollercoaster! Even when fighting for important issues, they always try to have fun. They also took the film, and a group of Gaybies, to share stories and discuss policy with our nation’s leaders at state and federal parliaments.