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Lola Berry

Leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry devised the simple yet groundbreaking 20/20 Diet based on her own personal weight journey and many years’ experience helping people shed excess kilos.

Based in Sydney, Lola is a spokesperson on nutrition and wellbeing in print, online and on radio and TV. Lola’s energy and passion for health, combined with her status as one of Australia’s foremost voices on nutrition, have garnered her a huge online following.

Lola’s first two books, The 20/20 Diet (2012) and The 20/20 Diet Cookbook(2013), were hugely successful and an empowering appeal to thousands of readers to join Lola on the path to a happier, healthier life.

Lola has now poured her heart and soul into her most recent book, The Happy Cookbook. This new book is not only bursting with delicious, nutritious recipes, but also with Lola’s personal essays on yoga, meditation, relationships, sleep; all the aspects of health she treasures. Health to Lola is a way of life. The way she sees it, it’s up to us to choose how we nourish our bodies, minds and souls.