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Michael Browning

Michael Browning was running Melbourne’s Hard Rock Cafe when he first encountered a struggling AC/DC in 1974. When he and the band parted ways five years later, they were on the brink of global domination. Prior to that, Michael managed such local stars such as Billy Thorpe and Doug Parkinson, and helped set up trailblazing Melbourne club Sebastian’s at a time when the British Merseybeat invasion and the rise of local groups were reshaping the Australian musical landscape. He and Michael Gudinski then established Consolidated Rock, Australia’s leading booking agency of the day. After a stint in the USA in the early 1980s, Michael returned to Australia, where he launched Deluxe Records, in the process discovering and developing INXS, whom he signed to the label. Further down the line Michael managed Noiseworks, as they rocketed to the top of the Australian charts. Michael and his family live in Sydney. Dog Eat Dog is his first book.