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1, 2, Pirate Stew

by Kylie Howarth

1, 2, round up the crew. 3, 4, now grab an oar! Take one large cardboard box, two imaginative kids, add a splash of pirate pets, and you have a recipe for adventure! Count along from 1 to 22 to discover the secret of the missing treasure and some very special pirate stew.

About Kylie Howarth

Kylie is an award-winning graphic designer and artist from Perth, Western Australia. She was raised on an emu farm alongside her brother, a dog, sheep, several orphaned kangaroos and one very cheeky echidna. Kylie’s obsession with animals also extends underwater and she has braved lionfish in Egypt, piranha and pink dolphins in the Amazon, marine iguanas and hammerhead sharks in The Galapagos Islands and  swum with whale sharks and manta rays at Ningaloo, Western Australia. The textures for her books are created with her two adventurous young boys during their outdoor art sessions.  Fish Jam is her first picture book for children.

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