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A Little Bird Told Me

by Kasey Chambers

I think the only way to genuinely relate to people is to be true to yourself and about yourself. This means revealing the good and the bad. I hope that someone reading this might think ‘I know what that feels like’.

Raised on the Nullarbor by their free-spirited parents, young Kasey Chambers and brother Nash would sometimes go for months without encountering another human being. Then, as The Dead Ringer Band, the family would perform in rough-and-tumble outback pubs, playing for little more than petrol money and sleeping in swags by the highway under the stars. Along the way, Kasey was honing the unique talent that led to hit songs like ‘Not Pretty Enough’ and multi award-winning albums like Barricades & Brickwalls and Little Bird.

With her trademark down-to-earth honesty and humour, Kasey shares the highs and lows of her far from ordinary life, from her idyllic gypsy childhood to confronting the personal demons that threatened much more than her career.

From the Australian outback to the world stage, A Little Bird Told Me is the moving, revealing and powerful story of a true original.


23 August, 2011


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