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A Year of Practiculture

by Rohan Anderson

Over the years he has developed his own principle of practical living. Practiculture is a lifestyle choice. It’s about direct involvement in the day to day elements of living, and at the heart of it, the rewarding choice to grow, hunt and forage beautiful, healthy, sustainable food.

A Year of Practiculture features 100 of Rohan’s simple, rustic, seasonal recipes, as well as his observations, victories and failures, and the realities of living a practical life surrendered to the bounty (and hardships) of the land through the seasons. All written in Rohan’s passionate, funny, no-nonsense style.


01 August, 2015

About Rohan Anderson

Rohan Anderson has published two books, Whole Larder Love and A Year of Practiculture and currently writes for The Guardian. During summer months, Rohan sells organic vegetables and ethically raised meat to customers in Melbourne that are interested in supporting local growers and eating real food.


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