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Anthropology and a Hundred Other Stories

by Dan Rhodes

“Anthropology. I loved an anthropologist. She went to Mongolia to study the gays. At first she kept their culture at arm’s length, but eventually she decided that her fieldwork would benefit from assimilation. She worked hard to become as much like them as possible, and gradually she was accepted. After a while she ended our romance by letter. It breaks my heart to think of her herding those yaks in the freezing hills, the peak of her leather cap shielding her eyes from the driving wind, her wrist dangling away, and nothing but a handlebar moustache to keep her top lip warm.”


* Very funny and sharp … crushingly wicked. The Times * A great collection, by turns funny, dark and touching. Dave Gorman * Tiny flights of absurdist fancy … exquisitely funny. Guardian * Essential reading for anybody who has ever been in love. I cannot express to you how much this book delighted me. Go and read it. Big Issue * A book you want to hurl from rooftops at passers-by to spread the word. Uncut * it’s easy to make time to enjoy these Easy Living * Effortless to read, amusing and yet coloured with a deep sadness about the passing of things. In Rhodes’s eccentric emotional world, girlfriends with the improbable names of Azure, Xanthe and Hummingbird hold all the cards Independent * A gleaming box of jazzy miniatures. Exquisitely funny. Guardian * Touching and insightful … you’ll want to devour every one. Heat



01 August, 2005

About Dan Rhodes

Dan Rhodes is the author of many books including Anthropology, Don't Tell Me the Truth About Love, Timoleon Vieta Come Home, Gold and The Little White Car, among others. In 2003 he was named by Granta magazine as one of their Twenty Best of Young British Novelists and in 2010 by the Daily Telegraph as one of their Best British Novelists Under Forty. Dan Rhodes is a recipient of the Author's Club First Novel Award and the E. M. Forster Award. He lives in Derbyshire.


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