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by Sally Pearson

Raised by a single mother, Sally Pearson spent her teenage years working two jobs and catching buses to get to training. Perhaps it was her humble beginnings that instilled in her the drive to compete and succeed – her honest pursuit of excellence and the refusal to allow any obstacle to stand in her way has seen Sally Pearson become one of the greatest athletes in Australia, running the fastest female 100m hurdles race in Olympic history. Her London Olympics victory was the first Aussie Gold Medal on the athletics track since Freeman won in 2000.

She broke a world record in a sport where the last broken record stood from 1988. But Sally has something that can’t be defined by the bare facts. And this is why her country loves her. It is her single-minded pursuit of her goals, her humble and pleasant nature, as well as her longevity as an athlete. According to her, the secret, she says, is “really just belief, it’s believing in yourself and giving it a crack and knowing that you can do it.”

About Sally Pearson

Sally Pearson was still in primary school when her athletic ability was first noticed. At only 14 she won the Australian under-20 100m title. From there she moved from strength to strength, winning gold in the World Youth Championships, gold at the Commonwealth Games and gold at the World Championships, and breaking a swag of records. In 2011, along with Usain Bolt, she was awarded Athlete of the Year by the International Association of Athletics Federations. She is the first Australian ever to receive the award. In the lead-up to the London Olympics, Sally won 32 of her 34 races. In the Olympic race, Sally clocked 12.35 seconds to break the Olympic record and win gold, beating the best in the world. Sally won gold again at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Throughout her remarkable career, Sally Pearson has shown that competitiveness and passion are hardwired into her very being.


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