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by Graeme Blundell

TV and radio star, interviewer and all-round media personality, Bert Newton’s career spans the decades.

He ruled the radio sets of Melbourne in the 1950s – when another young blade, Graham Kennedy, was also on the air – then made the transition to the box. Whether on television, radio or more recently on stage, Bert is the preeminent entertainer. Behind this most public of faces is the story of a boy whose father died early; a lad who loved riding the famous trams of his home town; and a young man whose compulsion to work led him to collapse. A consummate professional who holds the respect and admiration of his peers and multitude of fans alike, Bert has reinvigorated his career over and over as the world around him changed. And in a life full of dynamic partnerships – on screen with Graham Kennedy and Don Lane – Bert’s marriage to Patti is the most enduring of them all.

Graeme Blundell, journalist and bestselling author of King: The Life and Comedy of Graham Kennedy, delivers an insightful account of Bert Newton’s life on and off the screen. Along the way he chronicles the Australian television industry from its earliest years.



28 October, 2014

About Graeme Blundell

An actor, producer, award-winning director, highly regarded journalist, and the television critic for The Australian, Graeme Blundell has been associated with many pivotal moments in Australian television, theatre and film. His books include his autobiography, The Naked Truth, and the biography, King: The Life and Comedy of Graham Kennedy.


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