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by Oliver Phommavanh

Mama tells me I’m gifted and talented. But I know the truth. I’m just a nerd.

Kids call me Con-nerd – half Connor and all nerd.

Only a nerd goes to tutoring classes on weekend and in school holidays!

I’m supposed to become a doctor but I have this deep, dark secret: I just want to draw.

And my mega-cool cartoons are getting heaps of attention at school – I might even get into a special art class and have a go at an art competition. That would sure impress this girl I’m keen on … and it might just be my chance to show the world my true destiny.

But I’m not sure my family will see it quite that way…

About Oliver Phommavanh

Oliver is a young Thai-Australian writer for children. He has featured on panels at the Sydney Writers' Festival among many other appearances at festival and writing event as well as in blogs. He has worked as a primary school teacher and now spends his time writing and sharing his writing passion with kids and engaging them with humour. He's also a stand-up comedian and has appeared on national TV and radio as well as a number of well-known comedy venues such as the Comedy Store in Sydney. His first book, Thai-riffic!, was published in June 2010 to critical acclaim, followed by Con-nerd in 2011. VIsit Oliver at his website:  


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