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Dead Men Don’t Order Flake

by Sue Williams

On the night Leo Stone returns—notionally from the dead, in reality from the Democratic Republic of the Congo—Cass Tuplin gets a call from Gary Kellett. A call about an actual dead person: Gary’s daughter, killed in a car crash. Gary’s adamant it wasn’t an accident.

Cass agrees to investigate. After all, not just Rusty Bore’s only purveyor of fine fast food, Cass is also the closest thing to a private detective within a couple of hundred k’s. The local police (Cass’s son Dean) try to warn her off. It’s true Cass’s status as a celebrated yet non-licensed nobody doesn’t entirely suit Dean. But Dean also believes Gary’s a delusional, grieving father. Is that the case? Or did a young journalist die after asking too many questions?

Cass intends to find out. As soon as she’s dealt with some queries raised by the reappearance of Leo Stone.


30 May, 2016

About Sue Williams

Sue Williams is the author of a number of bestselling books, including Women of the Outback; No Time For Fear, the story of shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder; and Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest. Her book And Then The Darkness, about the disappearance of British backpacker Peter Falconio, was shortlisted for the prestigious Golden Dagger Award in the UK, and the Ned Kelly Awards in Australia.


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