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Dinner with Justine

by Justine Schofield

We all want simple, wholesome and delicious meals that can be made with readily available ingredients. This is the foundation of Justine Schofield’s hugely popular television show, Everyday Gourmet, and the inspiration behind her debut cookbook.

Justine’s recipes reflect the very essence of modern Australian eating, with a focus on big, bold flavours from a range of different cuisines. In a nod to her heritage, there are some classic French dishes, as well as moreish fritters and tarts, simple seafood recipes, hearty curries and stews, and incredible roasts. Sweets range from a simple crumble to show-stopping bavarois or chocolate custard pots, and clever ideas for salads and vegetables will liven up any summer barbecue.

Be inspired by the food Justine loves to cook and eat every day, with family and friends. Her recipes are fresh and delicious, and you’ll want to make each and every one!


22 March, 2016

About Justine Schofield

Justine Schofield has made a career out of inspiring home cooks around the country, from her TV debut on MasterChef Australia to her long-running role as host of Channel Ten's Everyday Gourmet. Justine also runs a catering company and is a regular columnist for Dinner With Justine is her first cookbook.

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