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Disco Boy

by Dominic Knight

No DJ can mix ‘Celebration’ into ‘Come On Eileen’ quite like Paul Johnson, the king of rancid retro. But while he has the musical jumper leads to get even the most dismal party started, he can’t get his own life moving. Trapped in a job he despises, a perpetual failure with the ladies and living at home with his distinctly unhelpful parents, Paul’s stuck in limbo while everyone around him is limbo-dancing.

While he’s avoided the corporate mousetrap that’s ensnared his friend Nige, Paul dreams of one day playing his own music instead of John Farnham’s. But it’s much easier to joke about your problems with your friends than to do something about them.

A romantic comedy that’s equal parts bitingly cynical and naively idealistic, Disco Boy is a story for anyone who’s ever hit the Pause button on their life, and found it hard to press Play again.


01 May, 2009

About Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight is the Evenings presenter on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio NSW/ACT. He has worked on The Chaser's creative projects in media, including print, online, stage, radio, television and karaoke videos. He wrote his novels - Disco BoyComrades and Man Vs Child - largely because he enjoys boasting at dinner parties that he is a novelist.


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