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Dogs in Cars

by Felix Massie, Emmanuelle Walker

Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes, while they wreak havoc on the streets in some pretty recognizable locomotives! Felix Massie is a London-based artist and director of animation at Nexus Productions. This is his first book.

In this hilariously illustrated introduction to the world of dogs and cars, Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker pay homage to these glorious animals and their moving machines.


01 December, 2016

About Felix Massie

Felix Massie is a London-based animator who won the audience award at the New York International Film Festival, as well as the equivalent festival in the UK, LIAF.

About Emmanuelle Walker

Emmanuelle Walker is an animation director and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec. As well as contributing to Nobrow magazine (Nobrow 8: Hysteria), she has worked with international animation studios across the world.


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