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Echoes of Memory

by A. R. Kahler

After witnessing a terrible event that left Kaira changed in unimaginable ways, Chris knows he has to find a way to defy his destiny in this second novel in the suspenseful Ravenborn trilogy.

In the aftermath of the deaths plaguing Islington’s campus, a terrible pall has fallen over the students. Kaira is passed-out sick, and Chris-the only witness to the night Kaira invoked something otherworldly-is questioning his sanity. Everyone is willing to believe the deaths were normal, and without Kaira backing him up, his claims that there was something supernatural at work are getting harder and harder to believe. Even to himself.

Especially because now, the voices he’s locked away are getting louder. Stronger. Violent.

When the god plaguing his mind starts promising Chris a future of bloodshed, Chris knows he isn’t safe. He can’t be trusted. Especially not around Kaira, whom this god swears Chris will kill.

Chris only wants to keep his friends safe. Even at the cost of his own life.

But when the gods of the Underworld are involved, not even death is an escape. It’s just the start of another, darker, journey.

About A. R. Kahler

Alex is many things, but first and foremost, he's a Sagittarius. In the past few years he's taught circus in Amsterdam and Madrid, gotten madly lost in the Scottish wilderness, drummed with Norse shamans, and received his Masters in creative writing from Glasgow University. And that's the abbreviated list. He is the author of many things, including THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS, THE PALE QUEEN, THE RUNEBINDER CHRONICLES, and RAVENBORN (yes, all series, because his brain doesn't condense). He's a nomad at heart, so the whole "he is based in ___ " thing doesn't really apply.


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