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EJ12 Girl Hero #14: Kimono Code

by Susannah McFarlane

SHADOW is threatening to sabotage the famous cherry blossom festival but — how and why? EJ12 needs to stay calm and keep control if she is to stop them.

That’s the easy part. As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. So why does she find dealing with mean girl Nema so hard?

Perhaps she doesn’t after all.


01 September, 2012

About Susannah McFarlane

Susannah McFarlane is a successful children’s book author who, after many years working as a publisher, now spends her time writing and creating stories that kids love to read. She is the creator and writer of the awarding-winning EJ12 Girl Hero series, the creator and co-author (with Louise Park) of the hugely popular series for boys, Boy vs Beast (under the name Mac Park), and the author of the Little Mates series of alphabet books for under fives. She is also the concept creator of two of Australia’s leading tween fiction series; Go Girl! and Zac Power.


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