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Elizabella and the Great Tuckshop Takeover

by Zoe Norton Lodge, Georgia Norton Lodge

It’s the beginning of term for Elizabella and her gang, but instead of being a fresh start, it’s a rotten one. The school is falling apart and misery sets in when a big corporation takes over the tuckshop, leaving poor Miss Duck out of a job. Meanwhile, there’s a lice outbreak at Bilby Creek Primary and a competition to write the School Song. How will Elizabella deal with all of this? In true Elizabella style, of course!


01 May, 2019

About Zoe Norton Lodge

Zoë Norton Lodge is a writer, actress and television presenter, known for her work on ABC TV’s The Checkout and the live storytelling night and podcast Story Club, as well as her collected short stories Almost Sincerely. Elizabella Meets Her Match is her debut children’s novel.

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About Georgia Norton Lodge

By day Georgia Norton Lodge leads her graphic design team at an award-winning interior design and branding agency specialising the hospitality industry. By night she is an illustrator, married to her side project Georgia Draws a House where she delights people with deliveries of their hand-drawn homes. She’s also Zoe’s younger sister – Elizabella Meets Her Match is their second book together.

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