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Everyday Internet At Any Age

by Todd Alexander

 Everyday Internet At Any Age  is an easy-to-follow guide to help you or your loved onesget the most out of the internet if you haven t used it before or would like to use it more effectively, by Australian online expert, Todd Alexander. Perfect for people aged 55 and above who don t use the internet each day in their work, this book has been written to empower anyone who isn t familiar with the net, offering information, advice and covering the main types of internet use in simple language. It will unlock the internet for everyone.

This is a really useful guide for anyone who needs some guidance on the internet, and makes a great gift for those who are looking to learn about the internet.



About Todd Alexander

Todd is the author of eleven books including his latest novel, Tom Houghton, released by Simon & Schuster in October 2015.  A graduate of Law and Arts, Todd started his career as a bookseller and spent 12 years working at eBay.  Today, Todd runs a boutique accommodation business and vineyard in the Hunter Valley with his partner, cat, pigs, ducks and chooks.  He is also an advisor to the online marketplace, Bountye.


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