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Family Secrets

by Liz Byrski

When patriarch Gerald Hawkins passes away in his Tasmanian home after ten years of serious illness, his family experiences a wave of grief and, admittedly, a surge of relief. Gerald’s dominating personality has loomed large over his wife Connie and their children, Andrew and Kerry, for most of their lives.

Connie, whose own dreams were dispensed with upon marriage, is now determined to renew her long friendship with Gerald’s estranged sister. She travels to France where she finds Flora struggling to make peace with the past and searching for a place to call home. Meanwhile Andrew’s marriage is crumbling, and Kerry is trapped in stasis by unfinished business with her father.

As the family adjusts to life after Gerald, they could not be more splintered. But there are surprises in store and secrets to unravel. And once the loss has been absorbed, is it possible that they could all find a way to start afresh with forgiveness, understanding and possibility? Or is Gerald’s legacy too heavy a burden to overcome?

#75 Australia’s Top 100 2016

About Liz Byrski

Liz Byrski is the writer of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction as well as former journalist and broadcaster. Her bestselling novels include Gang of Four, In the Company of Strangers, Family Secrets, Bad Behaviour and Last Chance Café. Her acclaimed non-fiction and memoir includes Remember Me; Getting On: Some Thoughts on Women and Ageing and In Love and War: Nursing Heroes. She completed her PhD in women’s fiction at Curtin University where she lectures in Professional and Creative Writing. She lives near Fremantle with her dog and enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, movies, walking and swimming.

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