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Freddy the Detective

by Walter R. Brooks

Meet Freddy the Pig! Duckworth is delighted to be introducing new readers to the American great, sure to melt the hearts of a new audience. With over one million copies sold worldwide, Freddy the Pig finally arrives in Australia in 2016!

Freddy is ‘the smallest and cleverest’ of the pigs on Bean Farm in rural upstate New York. So when trouble strikes, first with a toy train disappearing, then Prinny the Dog’s dinner going missing and Egbert the Rabbit vanishing, Freddy has an idea. Inspired by reading Sherlock Holmes, he decides to set up a detective agency in the barn, along with his partner Mrs. Wiggins the Cow. But when Freddy’s best friend Jinx the Cat is framed for a dastardly deed, all of Freddy’s detecting skills are put to the test.

About Walter R. Brooks

Walter R. Brooks (1886-1958) is the beloved author of twenty-six books about Freddy the Pig. He edited for magazines, including The New Yorker. In addition to the Freddy books, Brooks created the character of Mr. Ed the Talking Horse. Kurt Wiese (1887-1974) illustrated over three-hundred children's books and wrote and illustrated another twenty books. He received two Newbery Awards and two Caldecott Honor Book Awards.


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