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General Dourakine

by Countess de Segur, Stephanie Smee

The lovable but peevish General Dourakine has returned to his grand estate in Snowy Russia with his new French friends, Jaques and Paul. But when his niece, Madame Papofsky, descends on the house with her eight unruly children, will the General, with the help of his friends, be able to escape her greedy clutches? The sequel to A Room at Guardian Angel Inn is as fun and carefree as the first!

Another of the famed Comtesse de Segur’s novels, General Dourakine has been carefully and delightfully translated into English. The Countess wrote the extraordinarily popular Fleurville Trilogy and some of France’s much loved children’s stories. Ideal for young readers aged 7 to 12, this is a heartwarming story of mischief, friendship and fun that will delight any child.


01 August, 2013

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