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Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher #13)

by Lee Child

Suicide bombers are easy to spot.

They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. There are twelve things to look for. No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them.

New York City. The subway, two o’clock in the morning.

Jack Reacher studies his fellow passengers. Four are OK. The fifth isn’t.
The train brakes for Grand Central Station.

Will Reacher intervene, and save lives?
Or is he wrong? Will his intervention cost lives – including his own?

“Has the switchback plotting and frictionless prose that are Child’s trademarks… His lone-wolf habits and brusque, technophobic decodings of the world are always a pleasure”  Guardian

“Enhances his status as a mythic avenger… You’ll be left with a thumping heart and a racing pulse but, be warned, Chapter 63 will give you nightmares”  Evening Standard

“Child’s tough but humane Jack Reacher is the coolest continuing series character now on offer.” Stephen King

“So good at what he does… Much of the guilty pleasure delivered by Mr Child’s books comes from their fine-tuned, obsessively deducted use of data… culminates in a blow-by-blow, stunningly well-choreographed showdown… effortlessly larger than life”  The New York Times

“Child’s writing is both propulsive and remarkably error-free, and he’s expert at ratcheting up the tension… ”  Los Angeles Times

“A real cracker that keeps the reader involved from start to finish”  Edinburgh Evening News



23 April, 2009

About Lee Child

Lee Child is one of the world's leading thriller writers. His novels consistently achieve the number one slot in hardback and paperback on bestsellers lists on both sides of the Atlantic, and are translated into over forty languages. All have been optioned for major motion pictures, the first of which, Jack Reacher, was based on the novel One Shot. He was awarded the Crime Writers Association Diamond Dagger in 2013. Born in Coventry, he now lives in America.


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