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Grace on the Court

by Maddy Proud

Things were simple for netball nerd Grace Parker at primary school. She was captain of her school team – and with her best friends, Stella and Mia, by her side, they won the grand final. Back then, her biggest problem was persuading her parents to buy her tickets to see Friday at Five, the world’s hottest boy band.

But high school’s a whole new story … Grace’s greatest rival on the court, Amber Burns, just made the same netball team as her. Her twin brother, Gus, is devastated he didn’t make the A-grade AFL side. Her older brother, Tyler, is ignoring her. And as if that wasn’t enough for a 13-year-old girl to handle, gorgeous aspiring rockstar Sebastian King is suddenly paying her a lot of attention.


29 January, 2018

About Maddy Proud

Maddy Proud is a professional netballer currently playing for the NSW Swifts. She previously played for the Adelaide Thunderbirds, who signed her at 16, as the youngest player ever contracted in the Trans-Tasman ANZ Championships.


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