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Hannah & Emil

by Belinda Castles

Emil and Hannah live in the tumultuous period after the Great War. A German soldier, Emil returns home to a very different Germany. As Nazi forces spread through Germany, Emil’s involvement in the resistance ultimately compel him to run from his family, home, and country. At the same time Hannah, a Russian Jew living in London, yearns to experience the world. She leaves London for Europe amongst the beginnings of a second war. In Brussels, Hannah meets Emil, who is escaping from Nazi Germany on foot. The pair make a life together in England before the savagery of war forces Emil, viewed as an enemy alien, away from Hannah into internment. Determined to find him, Hannah prepares herself for a lonely and dangerous journey across the ocean…

Hannah & Emil is the third novel from Vogel Winning author Belinda Castles. This is a timeless story of love and courage that will hearten and inspire you.


(The First Chapter above is an extract from Hannah & Emil by Belinda Castles, published August 2012 by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99. Available as an ebook also.)



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