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Hush, Little Bird

by Nicole Trope

A celebrity wife. A damaged young woman. How did they both end up in prison and what is the secret they share?

Birdy thought she would have to wait until she was free again to see Rose, but now Rose has been convicted of a shocking crime and she and Birdy will be together. Birdy has been saving all her anger for Rose. It is Rose who should have protected her and kept her safe. Birdy was little but Rose was big and she knows Rose could have saved her.

This is a story about monsters who hide in plain sight and about the secrets we keep from ourselves. It is about children who are betrayed and adults who fail them. This is the story of Birdy who was hurt and Rose who must be made to pay.

A provocative and compassionate read from the queen of white-knuckle suspense and searing family drama. You won’t be able to put it down.


01 July, 2015

About Nicole Trope

Nicole Trope is a former high school teacher with an MA in Children's Literature. In 2005 she won a Varuna Award for Manuscript Development. In 2009 her young adult novel I Ran Away First was shortlisted for the Text Publishing Prize. In 2012 she published The Boy Under the Table.

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