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I Don’t Know What to Call My Cat

by Simon Phillip

Every cat needs a name. One name, one word, just a sound… It should be easy to choose one, right? WRONG!!! I just don’t know what to call my cat!

Choosing the right name for a new pet is very important! Find out just what this cat’s name turns out to be in this clever and witty story from an exciting debut author and talented young illustrator, Ella Bailey.

About Simon Phillip

Simon Philip was born in Chichester in 1988 and has lived there ever since. After gaining a 1st class degree in History at Exeter University, he immediately put his skills to good use working as a barman at a local pub. He soon grew tired of the owner calling him Andy, and so, naturally, decided to become a primary school teacher. Teaching rekindled his love of children¹s literature, particularly picture books, so he had a go at writing his own. Whilst dreaming up new stories he works as a copywriter.


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