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If the World Were a Village

by David J. Smith

Using a ‘world-in-miniature’ approach this book opens our eyes to a wider view of our planet and its human inhabitants, telling us who we are, where we live, how fast we are growing, which languages we speak, which religions we practise and more.

At this moment, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet! It’s hard to picture so many people at one time – but what if we imagine the whole world as a village of just 100 people?

In this village: 21 people speak a Chinese dialect, 10 earn less than two dollars a day, 14 cannot read or write, 45 have a television in their homes, 47 do not always have enough to eat.

If the World Were a Village tells us who we are, where we live, how fast we are growing, what languages we speak, what religions we practice and more. This new edition updates and expands the statistics and provides new information on food security, energy consumption and health.

There are several new activities that will stimulate discussion and show children and families how they can become more world-minded.

Over 400 000 copies of this book have already been sold in 17 languages.


01 December, 2013

About David J. Smith

A teacher with 26 years' experience teaching geography (his passion), history, and English, David J Smith left his school in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992, and since then has made the world his classroom. He gives lectures and workshops for students and educators all over the world -- a typical week might include workshops in Brisbane, a keynote in Johannesburg, and a school visit in Hawai'i.


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