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In the Best Interests of the Game

by Darrell Hair

“He always stands by what he believes, so you can’t ask for much more from an umpire” STEVE WAUGH BBC Sport online

“He’s done what he believed was right at the time for the good of the game” RICKY PONTING The Age

“He has shown great courage in making decisions which other umpires are not brave enough to make” BOB SIMPSON The Daily Telegraph

In the fourth Test between England and Pakistan at The Oval in 2006, Darrell Hair’s observations and charges of ball tampering against Pakistan led to the visitors refusing to continue the game.What followed more befits a John le Carré novel as administrators went into almost unfathomable damage control that eventually forced Hair into premature retirement.

In the Best Interests of the Game presents Hair’s version of the events surrounding Test cricket’s only forfeited match. Away from the conflict, Darrell shares some more light-hearted and memorable moments involving his favourite players, games and crowds; he evaluates the introduction of the third umpire and reviews some of his other controversial decisions including the Muttiah Muralitharan ‘throwing’ affair; and selects his best Test and ODI teams of the recent era.

Unlike recollections of runs, wickets and anecdotes, this is a unique story that will leave an impact long after the current generation of umpires and players calls ‘time’.


23 August, 2011


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