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Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

The second epically funny adventure starring Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes from Greg James and Chris Smith. 

Running a team of crime-fighting superheroes is a complicated business especially when your mum ‘s not allowed to know that you ‘re doing it. But Murph Cooper is making it work- he ‘s a schoolkid by day and a member of the top-secret Heroes ‘ Alliance by night.
Not that anyone at The School seems to care. Most of Murph ‘s teachers and classmates still believe that unless you have a proper superpower you can ‘t be a real hero.
But his achievements have caught the attention of at least one person –
Far away in a maximum security prison, the world ‘s most notorious supervillain, Magpie, has just broken a 30-year silence.
Magpie ‘s special power’ Draining heroes of their Capabilities and taking them for his own. And his first words’ Bring Kid Normal to me – ‘


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