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Kidnapped at Birth (Marvin Redpost #1)

by Louis Sachar

Marvin lives in a grey house with a white fence – a white fence but for one red post. He has red hair and blue eyes. He is also left-handed. ‘We’re lucky to be left-handed,’ said Mrs North. ‘It means we have royal blood.’

One day, at school, while writing a report, Marvin realises that nothing adds up. His parents have brown hair and they have brown eyes. Can he really be Marvin Redpost? Or is he, in fact, the lost son of the King of Shampoon – Prince Robert? Was he whisked away from the hospital at birth and are the Redposts really his kidnappers? Marvin sets out to get things straight. There are a lot of perks to being a prince and it’s all very tempting but Marvin soon realises that sometimes the truth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Louis Sachar writes with pace and humour and heart. This first story in a series of eight books introduces a strong and memorable character in his unique and inimitable style.


19 April, 2010

About Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar was born in East Meadow, New York. While studying at the University of California he became a teacher's aide to gain extra credit, but in fact it turned out to be his favourite class and inspired him to write children's books. After graduation he worked in a sweater warehouse in Connecticut and wrote at night. After he was fired from that job he moved onto law school where in his first week of study Sideways Stories From Wayside School was published. After completing his studies in 1980 he became a part-time lawyer but was compelled to concentrate on his writing full-time. Once Sachar begins writing a new book he refuses to talk to anyone until it is finished and his office is also barred apart from his two dogs, Lucky and Tippy. He is inspired by various sources including his daughter and by events from own his childhood. He lives in Austin, Texas and has won major literary awards for his books including the Newbery Medal and the National Book Award.

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