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Last Chance Cafe

by Liz Byrski

Dot despairs at the abandonment of the sisterhood – surely pole dancing can never be empowering? Margot is resentful that her youthful ambitions have been thwarted by family – her ex-husband is on a pilgrimage to try and walk away his grief, their daughters are coping with unemployment and secret shopping binges, meanwhile Margot’s sister Phyllida discovers that her husband dying is the least of the shocks awaiting her.

Liz Byrski takes her fallible characters on the journey we are all on – what does it mean to grow older? And is there ever a stage in life when we can just be ourselves and not feel pressured to stay young?

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Book Club Notes
01 April, 2011

About Liz Byrski

Liz Byrski is the writer of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction as well as former journalist and broadcaster. Her bestselling novels include Gang of Four, In the Company of Strangers, Family Secrets, Bad Behaviour and Last Chance Café. Her acclaimed non-fiction and memoir includes Remember Me; Getting On: Some Thoughts on Women and Ageing and In Love and War: Nursing Heroes. She completed her PhD in women’s fiction at Curtin University where she lectures in Professional and Creative Writing. She lives near Fremantle with her dog and enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, movies, walking and swimming.

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