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Little Mouse

by Riikka Jantti

A day in the life of a toddler is a busy one – as all parents know – and Little Mouse’s day is no exception.

Between getting dressed, going to daycare, eating dinner, and making time for splashing in puddles, Little Mouse has a lot to do, and a lot to say ‘no’ to!

This warm and humorous picture book from well-loved Finnish author/illustrator Riikka Jäntti introduces Little Mouse. A small kid with a big personality.


15 August, 2016

About Riikka Jantti

Riikka Jantti is a Helsinki-based illustrator and author who has created art for both nonfiction and fairy tale books for children. Beyond Finland her works have been published in Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Chinese. In her illustrations she uses pen and ink as well as watercolor and gouache. In 2009 Jantti won the first ever Tieto-Lauri, an award for children's and juvenile non-fiction, for her illustrations in Viidakkotanssi (Jungle Dance).


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