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Me And Rory Macbeath

by Richard Beasley

Adelaide, 1977. The year twelve-year-old Jake Taylor meets Rory Macbeath. Until then, Jake’s world was small, revolving around his street, his school, and the courthouse where his mum, Harry, was a barrister. His best friend lives only a few houses away. At first Jake has his doubts about Rory. But after long days and nights of swimming, fishing and daring each other into trouble, Jake discovers Rory has talents and courage beyond anyone he’s ever known. Then, early one evening, Rory disappears. And everyone on Rose Avenue is about to discover why.

This is storytelling at its best. Richard Beasley has written a powerful story that captures beautifully the memory of growing up in suburban Australia. This book brings forth nostalgia, fear and love in huge measures. Read this and then tell all your friends to do the same.




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