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Mommie Dearest

by Dennis Berry

It’s 2002 and Andy Eastman’s life is falling apart. Eager to begin his summer vacation, Andy returns home to find a note from his wife: she’s left him, sick of his laissez-faire attitude toward life. Instead of confronting his problems, he agrees to help a friend find out what’s wrong with her husband, a lawyer recently fired by Boeing, Andy’s employer. Andy uncovers a conspiracy involving Boeing, the lawyer, and rapacious co-conspirators-and all hell breaks loose: his son and two of his son’s friends are abducted and the lawyer goes missing. Bewildered, dismayed, increasingly desperate, Andy shatters his self-image as a Vietnam vet turned pacifist, a man more prone to turn a cheek than throw a punch. He has no choice. He must rescue the boys-it’s his only hope to save his marriage and the lives of those he cherishes.


21 July, 2011

About Dennis Berry

Dennis Charles Berry is an American film director, actor and screenwriter. Berry was born in Hollywood. He is the son of director John Berry.


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