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Mum For Sale

by Philip Bunting, Zanni Louise

Errol’s mum won’t get off the phone. So there’s only one thing for Errol to do…

Find out what happens when cheeky Errol puts his mum up for sale!

About Philip Bunting

I’m an author, illustrator, and young-ish father of two, based in Queensland, Australia. I’m at the very beginning of a journey to get more parents – especially dads – reading with their children. I believe that the act of regularly reading with children has the potential to infinitely enrich the lives of both parent and child, and indefinitely deepen their connection. The act of reading to young children improves their early literacy skills and language development, no question. There’s a tonne of research out there to support that. But I’m equally interested in the incidental byproducts of reading with young children, and how the dynamic of reading with a child from an early age can create a platform that allows for other – equally important – things to happen. Through a regular pattern of reading, supported by a collaborative reading style, I believe that parents can encourage the development of so much good stuff in their child, including: positive associations with education; creative thinking skills; improved self-esteem; and heaps more. Better still, the focussed, interactive, playful time spent with your child during book reading has the potential to create magic. The picture books I create are a direct product of this philosophy. I create books to encourage more parents to read with their children.

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About Zanni Louise

Zanni Louise grew up in regional NSW, studied and worked in Melbourne and now lives on the north coast of NSW with her husband and two girls. Zanni is a freelance writer, and has created countless education and training resources. She runs blogging and writing courses, and blogs at My Little Sunshine House. Zanni’s first picture book Too Busy Sleeping, illustrated by Anna Pignataro, was released by Little Hare in 2015. Too Busy Sleeping was long-listed for the 2016 CBCA awards. Her second picture book Archie & The Bear, with David Mackintosh, will be released 2017.


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