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Our Home is Dirt by Sea

by Dianne Bates

Dianne Bates has complied a fabulous collection of poetry written by over thirty different Australian poets for Australian children. Topics include school, family, special events like birthdays and Christmas, animals and sports.

A great anthology to get kids interested in poetry, could be read from cover-to-cover or dipped into at random. Includes a fantastic selection of old and new Australian poets: CJ Dennis, Elizabeth Honey, Robin Klein, Max Fatchen, Lorraine Marwood, Bill Condon and Daisy Utemorrah to name a few!

About Dianne Bates

Dianne Bates is a full-time freelance author and has written over 130 books for young readers. She has worked as a newspaper and magazine editor and manuscript assessor. Di is a recipient of The Lady Cutler Award for distinguished services to children s literature.


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