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Pivot and Win: Netball Gems 3

by Lisa Gibbs and Bernadette Hellard

Is being a Gem enough for determined Lily?

Lily comes from a family of great netballers and dreams of playing for the Diamonds one day. She loves being on court and jumping for every intercept. But Lily’s worried that she might never be tall enough to make it as a professional player. How can she get people to look past her height? To add to Lily’s troubles, something mysterious is going on at home. Things keep disappearing and turning up in the strangest places. Could her troublemaker brother have anything to do with it?

Maybe a new move and a secret weapon will help Lily become the netball dynamo she is desperate to be!

About Lisa Gibbs and Bernadette Hellard

Lisa Gibbs and Bernadette Hellard are sisters who have been involved in all aspects of netball in Australia for many years. They have played at A-grade level as well as coached and umpired. Lisa is an academic specialising in child health and well-being. She is married with a 19 year old son and two stepsons, one in primary and one in secondary school. Bernadette is a primary teacher specialising in literacy and physical education. Bernadette is married with four children aged from 21-26.    


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