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Planet Elephant

by Tammie Matson

From the wild savannahs of Kenya to the black markets of Vietnam, Tammie Matson continues her quest to reduce human-elephant conflict around the world.

In this follow-up to her bestselling memoir Elephant Dance, Tammie takes on the illegal wildlife trade of Asia determined to break the chains of rhinohorn poaching and the ivory trade. Travelling throughout south-east Asia, she meets presidents and traffickers in palaces and tourist markets, journeying to the dark heart of a dark industry.

Returning to her beloved Africa, she finds old friends facing rough times and animals on the brink. Torn between her passionate commitment to conservation and her precious growing family, Tammie faces her biggest challenges yet. A compelling account from one of Australia’s leading wildlife warriors, Planet Elephant is a rallying cry for wildlife in crisis.


01 August, 2013

About Tammie Matson

Tammie Matson is an Australian wildlife conservationist with a special interest in Africa. She became head of WWF Australia’s species program in 2007 and moved to Singapore in 2012, where she is working to reduce illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn. She is the author of Elephant Dance and Planet Elephant.

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