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Ranger’s Apprentice #10: The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja

by John Flanagan

Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return. Evanlyn is worried, and in company with Will and Alyss, she sets out to discover what has become of their old friend.

They find that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon-Jan politics. The arrogant Senshi sect has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler. Now he and Will must find men willing to face the highly trained Senshi warriors, while Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their longstanding rivalry to seek aid from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers.

The tenth book in the Australian and New York Times mega-selling Ranger’s Apprentice series.


“As with the previous nine books, the characters are engaging, of particular note is their witty banter – as a reader I often feel like I too am an old friend, I know all their inside jokes and which ‘insults’ are really meant tongue-in-cheek. One of Flanagan’s skills as a writer is capturing the dangers of some very tense situations and providing action filled battles without the need for graphic overkill.The only thing better than a Ranger’s Apprentice book is 10 Ranger’s Apprentice books – now just how many sleeps is it until book 11 is released?!”

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja is purely an enjoyable adventure story … I would recommend it to any reader who enjoys a good story.”  Jean Doran, Fiction Focus



01 November, 2010

About John Flanagan

John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband adventure series have sold more than eight million copies worldwide. His books are available in more than one hundred countries, are regularly on the New York Times bestseller list, and have had multiple award shortlistings and wins in Australia and overseas. John, a former television and advertising writer, lives with his wife in a Sydney beachside suburb.  


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