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Rescue Princesses: Animals in Danger

by Paula Harrison

These are no ordinary Princesses. If there’s an animal in danger they’ll be there, ready to stage a daring rescue! With their ninja skills and magic jewels, they’re Princesses on a mission and nothing, except the occasional dress-fitting or curtseying lesson, will get in their way.

Join Princesses Emily, Lulu and Jaminta in the first of their adventures. Each story features an exotic location and a thrilling rescue mission. From the Crystal Mountain of Onica to Emily’s first Grand Ball, the princesses must spring into action to protect animals in danger! Hang on to your tiaras and get ready for some right royal adventures!


About Paula Harrison

Paula began inventing stories and writing them down as a child, including one about a magical land inhabited by talking bookworms. After gaining an English degree, she became a primary school teacher. She is also married with two children. She loves inspiring children's imaginations and believes that day-dreaming can be a really good use of your time (although she hasn't actually said that during a lesson). Over the years, she's shared many different authors' books with children, and now can't wait to share her own.


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