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Sex, Drugs & Meditation

by Mary-Lou Stephens

This is the true story of a woman with a talent for self-sabotage who learns to sit still, shut up and start living and loving. With the aid of therapy and NA/AA she has overcome a tricky childhood; drama school; drug and alcohol addiction; the lure of performing in late night gigs; and her spectacularly poor taste in men. She has landed a dream job as a broadcaster for the ABC. Life is looking good. Except that Mary-Lou has a new boss, a psychopath in a suit. Determined to avoid more therapy, and desperate to cope with an increasingly toxic work environment, Mary-Lou signs up for a ten-day meditation retreat that requires total silence, endless hours of sitting cross-legged, and an ascetic diet. For a woman who talks for a living, is rarely still and cooks for comfort, this was never going to be an easy ask.

This is a very honest and direct memoir, so engaging that it feels like Mary-Lou is stitting across from you over a cup of coffee, telling you about her life.


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