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Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Shopaholic #3)

by Sophie Kinsella

Rebecca Bloomwood has the dream job. She’s a personal shopper, so is able to spend other people’s money all day instead of her own. And she gets paid for doing it. The perfect job, the perfect man -gorgeous Luke Brandon – and now… the perfect wedding.

Yes, Luke has proposed and wedding bells are in sight. No excuses are needed to start the shopping trip of all time. And Becky’s parents are just assuming that the wedding will be at home – a marquee in the garden and Becky in her mum’s wedding dress, which she’s been saving specially for the occasion.

But Luke’s mother has very different ideas – a huge affair in New York in a forest gladesetting – or perhaps a Venetian Ball, or a fin de siecle extravagance? Now Becky’s getting confused. She doesn’t want to say ‘no’ to anyone.

The plans are going ahead, and soon it will be too late to turn back- from either wedding…

“The diva of consumerism is back.”  Glamour

“Another spirited and funny comedy that sees Becky finally happy. But hopefully not retired.”  Sunday Mirror

“Witty and hilarious”  Cosmopolitan



01 January, 2002

About Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is an international bestselling writer and former financial journalist. She is the author of many number one bestsellers, including the hugely popular Shopaholic series. She has also written seven bestselling novels as Madeleine Wickham. She lives in London with her husband and family.


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