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Sir Dancealot

by Timothy Knapman

In days of old, tales were told of many famous knights
Who faced all kinds of monsters, and fought in daring fights.

Sir Dance-A-lot is the bravest, most fearsome knight around, but he has a rather unique way of beating his foe . . . With a dance-off! Because Sir Dance-A-lot is the best at boogying – all across the land he is known for his toe-tapping, move-busting, hip-hopping duelling.

But Sir Dance-A-lot has a weakness. And he is about to meet his match . . . In the form of a disco-dancing, body-popping, ICE-SKATING dragon!

About Timothy Knapman

Timothy Knapman has been writing for children for over ten years. His books, which have been translated into 15 languages, include the best-selling Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates and Dinosaurs in the Supermarket. Timothy also writes plays and the words for musicals. He does lots of school visits and bookshop readings and his hobbies include swashbuckling.

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