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Skip To The Loo, My Darling!

by Anita Jeram, Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally Lloyd-Jones riotous, rhythmic words and Anita Jeram’s fresh, bold pictures make this one of the most charming and energetic invitations to potty trainees in ages!

Bunny wants his potty. What will bunny do? Only one thing for it… skip to the loo! Bunny’s not the only one skipping to the loo. Look who else wants their potty! Quite a few… In vibrant, rhythmic, rhyming beats, Sally Lloyd-Jones gets the party going in a book that simply rejoices in the call of nature! Everyone is invited to celebrate – from an only lonely dodo to a wibbly woo, Lord and Lady Huff Puff and a ballerina elephant in a tutu, too! When the Potty Party is truly in full swing, and everyone’s on their potty – POO! POO! POO! – bunny spots that someone very important is missing… Wait! Could it be you?


01 March, 2016

About Anita Jeram

Anita is best known as an illustrator of children's storybooks, particularly the modern classic Guess How much I Love You, written by Sam McBratney. Writing and illustrating picture books is a great job to have, but that's not all Anita does. She just can't stop drawing, and not all pictures fit neatly into books do they? Anita is an artist. She draws things, and paints things, and makes things, and creates things, and rubs things out, and colours them in, until, they are just exactly how she likes them.

About Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally Lloyd-Jones is the author of Handbag Friends, illustrated by Sue Heap and Time to Say Goodnight as well as How To Be a Baby, by Me, the Big Sister which was in the New York Times bestseller list, and its sequel How to Get Married.


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