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Squidge Dibley Destroys the Galaxy

by Mick Elliott

Picking up where SQUIDGE DIBLEY DESTROYS THE SCHOOL left off, the most hilarious and weirdest Year 6 class on Earth is about to become the most hilarious, weirdest and coolest class in the galaxy – thanks to the out-of-this-world talents of Squidge Dibley. But be warned: this series is too gross for grown-ups!

After the disastrous events of SQUIDGE DIBLEY DESTROYS THE SCHOOL, things are finally looking up for class 6PU. All the way up into outer space!

It all begins with half-a-duck and a very naughty python. Throw in an astronaut, a robot, a school hall full of insane inventions and an excursion to space camp, and you’ve got one crazy, cosmos-sized problem.

SQUIDGE DIBLEY DESTROYS THE GALAXY is book two in a hilarious new series by Mick Elliott, author of THE TURNERS, and features his unforgettable cartoon-style illustrations on every page.


12 November, 2019

About Mick Elliott

Mick Elliott is a children's television producer, scriptwriter and animator. Since 2001 he has worked at Nickelodeon Australia, overseeing award-winning series for kids of all ages. His credits as producer include Camp Orange, Play Along With Ollie, Slimefest and hundreds of advertising campaigns. His work at Nickelodeon has won more than twenty international awards, while his animated short films have screened at over sixty festivals worldwide. Mick lives in Sydney with his wife, two kids and a garden full of lizards.


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