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The Book of Jewish Food

by Claudia Roden

Featuring the cooking of Jewish communities from all over the world, this collection of festive and everyday recipes is accompanied by stories, personal anecdotes, folklore, literary references and potted histories which provide an insight into the lives of Jews from different parts of the world.


The Book of Jewish Food is her masterpiece …no-one will ever produce a richer, or more satisfying feast of the Jewish experience.’  Simon Schama

‘One can’t imagine a better food book than this, ever: for the reader and the cook.’  Nigella Lawson, Vogue

The Book of Jewish Food deserves its definitive article. It should stand as the book for many years… It is not likely to be surpassed.’  The Telegraph

‘Manna from Heaven.’  Independent on Sunday

‘One does not have to be Jewish to appreciate this book… buy it for the recipes… for couscous with orange pumpkins and raisins, Syrian stuffed fried kibbeh, chicken croquettes Burmese style, “the bride’s pigeons” from Morocco, simple refreshing vegetable salads from the Mediterranean, and delicious northern European desserts and pastries.’  Frances Bissell, The Times


26 November, 1996

About Claudia Roden

Claudia Roden was born and brought up in Cairo. She finished her education in Paris and later studied art in London. Starting as a painter she was drawn to the subject of food partly through a desire to evoke a lost heritage - one of the pleasures of a happy life in Egypt. The local delight in food, like the light, colour and smells and the special brand of hospitality, warmth and humour, has left a permanent impression. With her bestselling classic, A Book of Middle Eastern Food (1970, revised edition A New Book of Middle Eastern Food, 1985), first published in 1968, Claudia Roden revolutionised Western attitudes to the cuisines of the Middle East. Her intensely personal approach and her passionate appreciation of the dishes delighted readers, while she introduced them to a new world of foods, both exotic and wholesome. The book received great critical acclaim, and the publication of the enlarged edition was enthusiastically welcomed. Mrs Roden has continued to write about food with a special interest in the social and historical background of cooking. In 1981 Penguin reissued Coffee, which was followed in 1982 by Picnic. Then came the BBC television series, Mediterranean Cookery with Claudia Roden, and the accompanying book, Claudia Roden's Mediterranean Cookery, a new, expanded edition of which was recently published. This was followed by The Food of Italy and then The Book of Jewish Food. In 1992, Claudia Roden won the Glenfiddich Trophy, the top prize of the Glenfiddich Awards. The Book of Jewish Food was awarded the 1998 Jewish Quarterly/Wingate Book Prize for Non-Fiction, was the 1998 Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year and the 1997 André Simon Memorial Fund Food Book. Her 2005 book, Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon was the winner of the Winner 2005 Andre Simon Memorial Fund Book Award and Glenfiddich Food and Drink Best Food Book.


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