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The Darkening Hour

by Penny Hancock

Mona, a migrant domestic worker is employed by London housewife, Theodora. At first Theodora only asks Mona to clean and occasionally cook for her, but as unwanted pressures from a demanding elderly father and a lazy, unemployed son begin to take their toll, Theodora deflects these onto Mona.

Slowly, imperceptibly, Theodora’s demands increase until she is treating Mona as nothing better than a slave. Mona is trapped. She needs to work to send money back to her sick mother and young daughter, but she also needs to find Ali, the love of her life who escaped Morocco to start a new life for them in London. But then Theodora takes her passport from her. Controlling Mona becomes Theodora’s goal, and Mona is going to have to take extreme measures of her own to escape the hold of her increasingly abusive employer. So when a murder is committed, who is to blame? Is it Theodora at the end of her tether, or Mona, desperate to find a way out?


30 January, 2014

About Penny Hancock

Penny Hancock lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and three children. She is a part-time primary-school teacher at a speech and language school and has traveled extensively as a language teacher. Kept in the Dark is her first novel.


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