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The Darling Songbirds

by Rachael Herron

A sparkling, highly entertaining romantic comedy about beloved country girl group The Darling Songbirds, from the bestselling author of Eliza’s Gift.

Love is a country song waiting to happen . . . The Darling Songbirds, three country-singing sisters, gained fame in their teens for their sweet harmonies. But after their dad and manager died suddenly when they were in their early twenties, the group disbanded acrimoniously. They haven’t spoken in ten years and the royalties that trickle in are so small they wouldn’t keep a toy boat afloat. Adele has saved and invested her money, Molly has just enough to allow her to keep floating through life, and prodigal Lana, still singing country ballads in Nashville honky-tonks, has nothing left. Then their uncle Hugh dies and leaves them his saloon, The Golden Spike, and the sisters are forced to find their way back to each other across miles of heartache . . .”


01 March, 2016

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