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The Day of the Jackal

by Frederick Forsyth

It is 1963 and an anonymous Englishman has been hired by the Operations Chief of the O.A.S. to murder General de Galle. A failed attempt in the previous year means the target will be nearly impossible to get to. But this latest plot involves a lethal weapon: an assassin of legendary talent.

Known only as The Jackal this remorseless and deadly killer must be stopped, but how do you track a man who exists in name alone?

About Frederick Forsyth

Former RAF pilot and investigative journalist, Frederick Forsyth defined the modern thriller when he wrote The Day Of The Jackal, described by Lee Child as ‘the book that broke the mould', with its lightning-paced storytelling, effortlessly cool reality and unique insider information. Since then he has written twelve novels which have been bestsellers around the world: The Odessa FileThe Dogs Of WarThe Devil's AlternativeThe Fourth ProtocolThe NegotiatorThe DeceiverThe Fist of GodIconAvengerThe AfghanThe Cobra and, most recently, The Kill List. He lives in Buckinghamshire, England.


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