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The Florentine Bridge

by Vanessa Carnevale

Young Australian artist Mia Moretti has been cancer free for nine months. But her battle with the illness has taken its toll, leaving her depressed and tormented by overwhelming fears. What’s more, she can’t seem to paint anymore. Mia needs a fresh start so when a surprise opportunity to travel to Tuscany presents itself, she takes it. With any luck, this trip will help her find whatever it is she needs to open her heart and start painting again.

What she doesn’t count on is meeting Luca, a handsome Italian mechanic. With his smile, his warmth and his inspirational outlook on all the good things life has to offer, he sweeps her off her feet. As Mia slowly lets down her walls and allows Luca in, her passion for life is reignited and her new perspective begins to inspire her art. But just when she’s ready to let go of her past, will a tragedy threaten her new life with Luca?


12 December, 2016

About Vanessa Carnevale

Vanessa Carnevale is a freelance journalist based in Melbourne, Australia, who has contributed to The Green Parent (UK), Women’s Health and Fitness, The Herald Sun, Italy magazine, and Happy Child, among others. She also served as the publisher of Mindful Parenting for over two years. The Florentine Bridge is her first novel.

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